About Us

INTELEGO CONSULTORES S.A., is a company registered in Venezuela, focused on offering consulting services independent of political bias or economic groups. Produces objective and timely analysis of the business environment.

INTELEGO CONSULTORES S.A. Values networks as a tool for research and knowledge generation. It works with recognized professionals and experts. The teams are made according to the activity, the geographical area, and the direct and indirect factors with greater influence in the sector under study. All this is supported by state-of-the-art methodologies.

INTELEGO CONSULTORES S.A. Supports its work in a multidisciplinary team with more than 20 years of experience and with deep knowledge of the Latin American regional idiosyncrasy, the anticipatory management of Public Policy (Issues Management), which facilitates the understanding of the economic and socio-political environment of the business and the management of cultural differences.

INTELEGO CONSULTORES S.A. Helps companies interested in Latin America to make decisions based on a comprehensive knowledge of the relationships between their particular business and regional and local economy, finance, political, social, technological aspects, without neglecting cultural aspects. This deep knowledge, once systematized, allows the anticipation of the region's own cycles and consequently helps to implement more appropriate actions in the short, medium and long term.

INTELEGO CONSULTORES S.A. Has as main objective to promote the exchange of business with Latin American countries, especially in the areas of Innovation and Development. This exchange is established within the framework of the Innovation Ecosystems which are based on the establishment of networks that support the initiative, to avoid projects mortality and ensure their viability.

Among the services offered are:

  • Business Development Support, identifying opportunities, key stakeholders, current regulatory and public policy framework and detection of potential gaps; establishment of a consensus path and accompaniment in the process of interaction with government decision-makers.
  • Management of Intercultural Management Tools: Management of Cultural and Administrative Distance, Management of Relations with Stakeholders, Risk Analysis, Management of Public Policy Issues.
  • Execution and supervision of the activities focused on Statistical Research Analysis, preparing analytical studies and proposing timely information for decision making. Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Platforms:
    • Adequate allocation and procurement of the required human, technical and financial resources
    • Assertive identification of key stakeholders; support in the request of external financing and justification of request, in case of internal financing.
    • Business Development Consulting
  • All this with the objective of ensuring:
    • Detection and use of business opportunities
    • A proactive and anticipatory management with the socio-political environment
    • The availability of advanced tools to support the decision-making process
    • A successful portfolio of innovation and entrepreneurship.