Strategic Management

Service Objectives

To support the company in the formulation, design and implementation of a strategic plan of relations with its key audiences, that supports the achievement of the strategic objectives of the company, and to allow the early detection of opportunities and threats.

Service Scope

  • Monitoring, analysis of environment, actors (with emphasis on decision makers) and follow-up of draft laws and public policies relevant to the company, in order to facilitate proactive and anticipatory management.
  • Evaluation of the Strategic Orientation, determining the degree of alignment of the strategic objectives with the Regulatory Framework of the country.
  • Accompaniment to representatives of the company in the processes of discussion and approval of Legal Projects that have actual or potential impact on their operations.
  • Use, and / or redirection of Programs in execution so that they become valuable tools for the positioning of the company in the country.
  • Evaluation of programs and initiatives related to intervention in the communities as well as the establishment of social indicators that allow monitoring and evaluation of their impact.
  • Survey of work processes related to projects and programs aimed at communities, detection of areas for improvement, recommendations of means of dissemination and homologation of such initiatives.
  • Identification of threats and establishment of strategies and programs to mitigate threats and seize opportunities, for the business.