Your Alternative Education

"Your Alternative Education" is an alternative pedagogy tool that facilitates interdisciplinarity and learning by self-inquiry. It shows fundamental components such as the implementation of dynamic methodologies, the construction of new training opportunities in the technical-vocational and in the ludic-artistic-cultural, and the formation of solidarity networks as opposed to an education of isolated projects.

Business Model: Your Alternative Education.
"Tu Educación Alternativa" is a center for research, design and promotion of learning techniques, which seeks to develop the talents of each child in a comprehensive way and by competencies, with the guidance of their representatives and educators. This process must occur naturally through self-inquiry, and its intention to provide tools that stimulate curiosity and research.

The main objective is to complement formal education; it seeks to add, not subtract the efforts that are already being made in the formation of the individual.

Nowadays, there are many options for resources, methodologies, toys, and others, which are not necessarily known by all parents / teachers, because they are dispersed and not always adjusted for the type of competence to be promoted in the child. That is why Your Alternative Education has the purpose of becoming a space that brings together all these different alternatives to facilitate the work to their representatives, caregivers or teachers.