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Joel Pozarnik

Dr. Joël Pozarnik †

"One could seek external tools, one can pretend to love the excellence and quality, but one can not be excellent, if our inner world is not excellent, of quality, or at least if there isn’t an intention to live internally according to your criteria"

–Joël Pozarnik

Doctor in Political science, 2007, La Sorbonne Nouvelle -Paris 3, (Institute for advanced study on Latin America); thesis on "Venezuela Hugo Chávez 1999-2006: breakdowns and continuity in the socio-political matrix ".
 MSc, Comparative Politics (Latin America) 2002, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE, U.K); thesis on “More or Less Presidentalism in Venezuela”. Diploma in Social anthropology, 2002,
Birkbeck, University of London; thesis on "Ideational Resources, Images and Representations in the Venezuelan Political culture".
(ESSEC, Business School, _Paris, _Francia), 1982.

Joël Pozarnik was born in Paris on 2 February 1960. Came to Venezuela in 1982 as cooperant of the Embassy of France in Venezuela. He died in Caracas on 22 May 2008. He always had great confidence in the future of Latin America, the continent where, he said, there are many opportunities to "create and do..." He was a consultant recognized by their creativity, their knowledge of the region of the country; his assertiveness and unbiased way of analyzing the economic, social and political reality of Venezuela.