Expert Committee

Ivor Hewitt

Extensive experience in the petroleum sector after a long trajectory with Petróleos de Venezuela and formerly with Exxon, Ivor Hewitt is characterized by his analytical and interpretative skills to monitor the constant changes occurring in the global oil and gas markets. His areas of expertise include, among others: corporate positioning and representation, economic and maritime legislation in the oil sector. He served as a Business Manager at the PDVSA office in London (PDV UK) where for a long time he encouraged UK Service companies to look for opportunities in Venezuela, in Venezuela's gas and oil sector. He was also responsible for preparing special reports on global events prior to OPEC meetings, for a time for the Secretariat and permanently for the representatives of Venezuela before that organism. He participated actively in meetings of the International Maritime Organization as a member of the Venezuelan delegation. Member of the Legal Committee at the International Forum of Oil Companies.