Expert Committee

Nancy César de Rodríguez

Doctor Specialized in Phoniatry (Venezuelan Institute of Hearing and Language, Caracas, Venezuela, 1982), Specialist in Occupational Medicine (University of Toronto, Canada, 1977), Medical Surgeon (Central University of Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela, 1975). She has been responsible for the areas of Occupational Medicine and Phoniatrics at the regional level of the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security as well as consultations, Occupational Medicine and Phoniatrics, in private clinics. Areas of Expertise: in Occupational Medicine; Medical examinations of entry and exit, evaluation of risks in jobs, investigation of cause and effect relation of occupational diseases, inspection of companies, evaluation of company medical services, conducting medical examinations of risk, preparation and implementation of auditory conservation programs in companies. In Phoniatry, treatment of pathologies related to loss of voice, hearing and learning difficulties, conducting audiometries, tympanometry and laryngoscopy, treatment and Rehabilitation of voice, learning difficulties and people with pathologies of Stroke (Vascular Brain Accident).